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For the past thirty years of my practice I have developed a model of Gynecological, Sexual and Reproductive Care, combining varied health paradigms to approach women’s health issues through the lenses of naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and herbalism, using bio-identical hormone therapy as well as conventional medicine. This breadth of knowledge, applied in the counseling setting, allows for more comprehensive care, as I am able to approach health concerns from a diverse array of treatment traditions. 

Our current healthcare system does not fully address the concerns of the patient as a whole person. Office visits are short, doctors distracted, and computers have taken the place of eyes and ears. Clinicians are overbooked so there is seldom enough time to discuss options and choices in treatment, let alone to acknowledge psychological or emotional narratives. In short, there is often no real dialogue between patient and caregiver. As a result, patients can feel fearful, confused, overwhelmed, unheard and passed over. Clearly, this is no way to approach the healing process.

Through my work as a clinician, I have come to understand how active empathic listening and time spent with patients offers a valuable alternative to those in search of optimal health. I have found that when women are given time to tell their stories, the histories of their health and its impact on their lives, this in itself can be curative. Many women today feel that the medical system overlooks and under-serves their concerns. Through the practice of active and empathic listening, clinicians can help patients gain insight into the process of restoring health. Medical science corroborates this concept with strong evidence that the patient-clinician relationship has profound healing effects. In my new consulting practice, I can offer the time and attention necessary to empower patients to discover and reclaim their health.

As my practice turns towards consulting and counseling, I will no longer be able to offer ongoing clinical gynecological care (annual check ups, pap smears, etc). I do, however, encourage patients to establish Gyn Care for their annual exams and follow-ups. I work in conjunction with many practices and can make personal recommendations and referrals to practitioners. These include clinicians and doctors, both alternative and conventional, breast and gyn surgeons, oncologists, hospice providers, nutritionists, therapists, psycho-pharmacologists, naturopaths, herbalists and acupuncturists.